My hotel is located on the coast of Ghana and there was a time not so long ago that visitors came to our dining room because they knew that they could enjoy fresh fish from the ocean. That is no longer the case. The reason? because WE OFTEN CANNOT BUY FRESH FISH!!!! This is not for a lack of trying. The local fishermen go out every day in the hopes that they will bring back something to feed their families plus some fish to sell for cash. Often they return empty handed.

And yet what do we see along the coast? Here at Busua? At Akwadae? At Cape Three Points? At Axim? At Beyin? At Half Assini?

Foreign fishing trawlers, working close to shore, in an area in which they have been forbidden…. I have seen these foreign trawlers frequently, and I have never seen a vessel from the Ghanaian navy challenge them. When will it end? When ALL of the fish are gone?