GOD IS KING (and so is “Uncle Ben”)

In recent years in Ghana, we have seen an increasing amount of freight and goods being transported by semi-trailer trucks. Not so many years ago, that work was done by conventional single axle trucks (lorries). Drivers and their mates prided themselves in their great ingenuity and dedicated perseverance to ensure that no load was too big or too difficult to haul. During one of my stays near New Edubiase during the 80’s, a dugout canoe was brought out of the forest, to be taken to its destination on the coast where it would be used for fishing. Considering that the canoe was more than twice the length of any truck on the road at the time, I wondered how it would make the journey. However one day, “God is King” showed up, and with the help of many willing hands, it was moved on board and set off on its journey south. On another occasion, “Uncle Ben” passed through town, laden with a similar cargo, proving that where there is a will (and willing hands), there will be a way.