The Last Sunset of 2009

Sunsets near the equator are always a rushed affair – one minute the sun is there in the sky, and if you take your attention of it for a second, the next thing you know, it is gone. It is Universe’s way of reminding us to stay focused on the issues that we consider to be important and to be open to the unexpected.

I almost missed this shot yesterday because I had not given it my full attention. A short time earlier, my youngest daughter, who lives in East Africa, suggested that the last day of the year would present a wonderful photo opportunity, with the sun setting just as the full moon was rising.

Seizing her suggestion, I went to the rooftop, camera and tripod in hand, about 20 minutes before 6:00p.m. A lovely red sun was sliding towards the western horizon, with pink clouds adding dramatic effect, and initially I thought I could capture the event without the aid of the tripod. I took a few shots (one which I have posted) and then decided the tripod would provide a better platform for those last few rays from the sun. By the time I attached the camera and extended the legs of the tripod, those lovely pink clouds had utterly obscured the sun and I completely missed those last rays which I had been intending to capture.

The Full Moon ushering in the New Year

The Universe has many ways of influencing the way in which we experience our lives. Once the sun had set, I turned my attention to the moon. The Harmattan intervened, and prevented me from seeing the moon rising above the horizon.  The moon only became apparent an hour or so later after it was well on its nightly ride across the sky. Once again, it was Universe’s way of instructing me to embrace the unexpected – the anticipation of seeing the new moon on New Year’s Eve was certainly not lessened because I could not see it when I thought I would, but rather it made me more appreciative when it was possible. Thank you, Universe.

Blessings to all. Happy New Year.