Kwabena Nyarko

The African Rainbow Resort was blessed with serendipity when it opened in December 2002. The walls in the dining room and bar were bare and our decorating budget was exhausted. Just about that time, a young artist from Takoradi was looking for places to display his art work. He brought some samples to show us and right away a relationship was formed. Since that time, Kwabena Nyarko has gone on to display his work in various prominent locations in Ghana. He has gained widespread acclaim, within Ghana and abroad, and he has become a well recognized artist of growing repute.

Recently, on the opening of West Coast Wine Outlet at the African Rainbow, Kwabena was invited to display a selection of his paintings in the flower gardens. Fishes swirled through the bushes and gathered along the walls. It made for a very colourful afternoon, highlighted by the presence of the artist himself.

To see more of Kwabena’s work, go to Or stop by his gallery in nearby Azani. You can also reach him by e-mail and by phone +233(0)20-9306202 or +233(0)277-459992.