Well, perhaps it is not fair to bring Barrack Obama into the issue, but what about the saying that all is fair in love and politics? Does anyone remember my posts from June regarding the disgraceful way in which the Ghana Highways Authority treated the people who rely on the highway conduit between Cape Coast and Kumasi?

Well, I have this past week travelled back to New Edubiase over the same Pra Bridge which the contractor had so shamelessly (and needlessly) closed while he made his “repairs”. And guess what I found? Yes, this be Ghana. The repairs have not been completed, and the work that has been done is of a dreadfully inferior nature.

Honourable Minister of Highways, do you have anything to say? Head of Ghana Highways Authority, please tell us what you are doing about this unacceptable situation. Media players, Opposition Members, here is your chance – come and see it for yourself. Is this acceptable? How long do you think it will be before this bridge is no longer capable of carrying the load?

The people who regularly traverse this road are already suffering from the continued lack of maintenance. In fact, New Edubiase is better known for the potholes in that stretch of highway between the Pra River and itself than it is for its new winning football challengers, New Edubiase United!!

Mr President, you were in nearby Obuasi this past weekend. Did you dare to venture further south? Perhaps your advisors had warned you – avoid that area because the highway is a death trap. Well, Sir, you and your people have promised the people of Ghana that you will not abandon your supporters in New Edubiase and area. This is your opportunity to exhibit some good will – speak to your Highways Minister; ask him to do the right thing; hold the contractor accountable; patch the gaping potholes and craters that make traffic on this highway so dangerousr; repair the bridge in a proper fashion. Mr. President, show us with actions and not just billboards that you are a partner with the people of Ghana for positive change.

The unfinished job


Is this correct work, Mr Minister of Highways?