Street and sidewalk repairs are a very costly item for municipal authorities anywhere in the world. Frost in the winter causes damage every winter in Canada and cannot be prevented. However the town council in Maidstone sets aside funds each year to repair the damages done by this natural phenomenon, keeping the streets maintained and passable.


The concept of a “MAINTENANCE CULTURE” is more frequently discussed in Ghana but it is still rarely practised. It is time for that to change. We all like new things, whether it be houses or automobiles or roads or schools, and we know that keeping those things in good condition requires maintenance. We must insist that our authorities set aside funds out of their annual budgets to ensure that the infrastructure that we have is maintained.

Road Repairs 1

It is very unfortunate that my Traditional Area with its seat in New Edubiase has become well known by travellers who ply the route between Kumasi and Cape Coast because of the very bad condition of the highway, with crater-like potholes which cause damage to vehicles and death to drivers and passengers when vehicles try to avoid them. At one time the Highways Department regularly patrolled and repaired such holes before they became a dangerous threat to travellers. When will we see that policy put in place again?