Good afternoon, Mr. xxxx,
It is good that you have understood my point, and I do hope that you will make it abundantly clear to your superiors in Accra.
This story is going to play out in the media, and now with public access to the internet, be sure that it will play in such a way that the Ghanaian public (and particularly those Ghanaians with more income and who access communication networks like MTN) will know about it. I am currently writing two stories and the one that goes public will be decided by the way in which I am treated. Let me give you the two headlines, along with a brief summary:
Choice 1
Development Chief applauds the MTN Group for bringing access to the internet to rural communities. At a time when communications with the outside world and access to the information available on the internet are becoming so important to the future development of rural Ghana, Nana congratulates this multi-national company for showing the way forward. “It shows how far this country has been able to advance. Through the services of MTN, I have been able to launch a major initiative to raise funding for a major project here in New Edubiase. This new school for performing arts will create more than 100 jobs and will generate a major economic spin-off in the community. At a time when the communication field is becoming so competitive, it is reassuring to know that companies like MTN are concerned about the welfare of rural communities, and are actively playing a role in improving the lives of people who live there.”…..
Choice 2
Non-caring South African based multinational company, MTN Group, after capturing one of the most prized markets in Africa, turns its back on development in rural Ghana. The Nkosuohene (development chief) for the Edubiase Traditional Area has been denied the access to the internet which had been promised, at a critical point where he was about to launch a major international fund raising initiative for the construction of a school for performing arts in New Edubiase. “This is particularly disappointing. A large company such as MTN has created the image in Ghana that they care about this country. Their actions show clearly that they are really only concerned about profits which will be taken out of the country. It is companies such as this which prevent this country from moving forward. Ghanaians deserve much better than that.” says Nana Amoako Agyeman…..
These brief outlines should give you some idea of the ways in which my posts can go. I await your response.