New beginnings often hide their promise and that appears to be what has happened with the newly formed Dance and Drum Troupe in Amudurasi. Folks began to assemble shortly after six one evening, just as darkness descended. The first drumming lessons and the first tentative dance steps were delivered with the aid of a dim flashlight. The new moon was of little help that night because it remained hidden most of the time behind clouds which threatened to dampen the evening.

In spite of the darkness which hid the participants, it was an auspicious beginning. An executive of eager volunteers has offered to guide the group. Future practises will continue after dark in order to enable adults to prepare and eat evening meals after they have closed from their work at the market and on their farms. They have already decided to move to the day care building and arrange to have electricity brought from the nearby classroom blocks. Until that is completed they will bring kerosene lanterns from home.

My good friend, Adamfo Amoako is confident that we will soon have a troupe performing at a very high level. Stay tuned on this blog for more updates on this exciting community development.