It has been a slow process, but I am getting closer to “finding my voice”. Last year, as a participant in the first International Writers Workshop to be held in Ghana (see, our workshop leader, Shane Book, encouraged us by reminding us that we have a lifetime of material to write about – it is only a matter of sitting down and writing. Shane’s encouragement and the experience gained during the workshop have been very valuable in the process of recognizing myself as a “writer”.

Now with the publishing of Rainbow Round the African Sun, and with the recognition which has accompanied it, I am feeling that my voice has gained some legitimacy. The recognition affirms to me that I do have some ideas and experiences that are worthwhile writing about, and that I do have some skill in expressing them.

My little chapbook Rainbow Round the African Sun has been an important motivator. I have already begun to gather and write works for a more substantial future volume. I am approaching this project with new confidence and a sense of anticipation in meeting this new challenge. My life has been blessed in many ways, and this is just one more blessing.