Poetic Embers



ominous omnibus clouds


over each other

whether watch weather

eye to the sky or to the cellar

while the gods decide

do we dance in the rain

wine in hand in gumboots

with Bacchus

or thunderbolts overhead

do we drum to battle

with Thor

Hoar frost and prairie branches

sketched on a crisp winter sun

sitting low on the noon day horizon


Orange harmattan orb

scattering forlorn Sahara dust

over the Gulf of Guinea

Nana Amoako Agyeman presents his poem “Are You Offended by My Music?” during Ehalakasa Mega Fiesta 2010 on the Main Stage at Alliance Francaise Accra, backed up by United African Spirit, the Rooftop band of the African Rainbow Resort in Busua.


Ehalakasa Mega Fiesta 2010 featured poetry and music on the Main Stage of Alliance Francaise Accra. Nana Amoako Agyeman presents his poem “Just a Country Boy”, accompanied by the Rooftop band from the African Rainbow Resort in Busua, United African Spirit.

This morning I received messages from two friends who live in very different parts of the world, each expressing concern for loved ones who are going through difficult challenges. These messages were on my mind today as I walked along the banks of the South Saskatchewan River. This is the poem that resulted – it is for them, and for anyone else who may find inspiration from the nature in which we walk.


Wind whispers the truths
of a thousand shimmering leaves
and a thousand blades of grass
Whispers through deep sleep
when our mind has wandered
Moments in eternity

Wind whispers our loves
through scent of wolf willow
and sweet essence of wild rose
Whispers to lost minds
the directions to turn
Spirit’s compass for life’s travellers


don’t be blinded
by your sight
I wear my African colours
on the inside

hear the colour
of my words
the shade of my heartbeat
as red laterite courses through my veins
as my white palm wine is poured
for our ancestors

smell the colour
of my sweat
as I join you to toil in the fields
of today’s needs
of tomorrow’s promises

feel the colour
of my hand
as I offer it in welcome
your clan joining
my clan
in community

join my rainbow
let it band us
one bright spectrum
of colour
the colour
of humanity

The writing mood

comes from time to time

Spirit directs the pen

to the paper

says you should write about the



something else


and pen complies

how many topics are there that require intense




Go ahead

Pick one

any one

one that catches your


and then


Go ahead

I dare you

Because you are a


you have the power to


to amuse

you have the capacity to


to dazzle

you have the ability to


to create

your power is in your pen




scap of paper


just write

write anything

not nothing

cause nothing is not writing

and writing is something

and something is power

and you have the power


Sunrise over the Gulf of Guinea, Busua

Much can be hidden behind words. The Universe speaks directly to us with honesty. We only hear it if we live each day as it comes, always open to its gift, and prepared to treasure the feeling that accompanies it.

Sun lights up light clouds, leaving others dark

At times, Universe highlights the light clouds even though the dark ones are in the forefront of our attention

Light and dark – difficult to separate and must be taken as one