February 2016

Saskatoon is known as the “Bridge City” with the South Saskatchewan River flowing through the centre of the city. Five traffic bridges and two railway bridges span the river, with two more approved to be built in the next few years. Bridges make for interesting politics and some wonderful views, including this one, looking under the BroadwayBridge towards the University Bridge.

12 x 16 acrylic on canvas


Yes, another sailing scene, and once again drawn from The Elbow Run 2015 on Lake Diefenbaker. We had some fantastic sailing conditions that week and on the Thursday, Rick set the pace. Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t catch him – he had his WindRider 17 flying!! In this painting, I cheated – I was never really this close to him – I just tried to make it look that way! 🙂


12 x 16 acrylic on canvas

IMG_2321.jpgOur House.jpeg  My partner offered me a painting challenge recently – she produced a black & white photograph, 2 inches X 3 inches. “Here, would you like to paint this?” The photos was taken in the early 50’s. The house is her family home in China where she lived as a child before she emigrated with her mother and father to Canada.