April 2010

The writing mood

comes from time to time

Spirit directs the pen

to the paper

says you should write about the



something else


and pen complies

how many topics are there that require intense




Go ahead

Pick one

any one

one that catches your


and then


Go ahead

I dare you

Because you are a


you have the power to


to amuse

you have the capacity to


to dazzle

you have the ability to


to create

your power is in your pen




scap of paper


just write

write anything

not nothing

cause nothing is not writing

and writing is something

and something is power

and you have the power


That’s right, folks – the Second ANNUAL CELEBRATION OF CREATIVITY has just been announced. It will be held once again on the Rooftop of the African Rainbow in Busua on May 15.

If you are a poet, an artiste, a performer, and if you are looking for a venue for your talent, make sure that you contact the Rainbow organizers and let them know – e-mail address – africanrainbow@gmail.com and mark your message “Celebration”.

Check out the RainbowXpress blog for more details – http://rainbowexpress.wordpress.com

See you there!!

This is a typical roadside in Zanzibar – check it out. NO PLASTIC BAGS!! NO BLACK POLY BAGS!! NO WATER SACHET BAGS!!! Amazing to see, especially for someone like myself who lives in Ghana, where plastic bags have become part of the local scenery, and where government officials and business people and consumers have collectively chosen to look the other way and completely ignore the damage that continues to be done to our environment.

Have another look, a little closer this time….

So, you may ask – how did the folks in Zanzibar manage to do this? Well, it really wasn’t all that difficult. The government passed legislation making it illegal for shopkeepers to give out plastic bags and they also made it illegal to sell water in sachet bags. The citizens responded by using woven baskets and cloth bags and jute sacks and re-useable wooden crates when they are doing their shopping. The government made potable water available for the people. Voila!! Clean roadsides, unclogged gutters, no plastic bags floating in the rivers, streams and ocean – absolutely a pleasure to walk the streets in village and city, and drive along the roads and highways! Congratulations, Zanzibar!! And Ghana?? well, you can see that the example has been set – let us see if we have the collective will to follow it. Happy Earth Day!